Would Your Business Recover From Large-Scale Damage?

With the threat of riots looming this summer, make sure that your commercial business is prepared for the possibility of an attack.

It’s been nine years since the UK saw widespread riots break out across the country, following the shooting of Mark Duggan by police in Tottenham, London. The riots lasted from 6th to 11th August, 2011 and caused the death of five people, with a further 205 injured. Unfortunately, a government advisor warns that riots may be on the horizon again this summer, as a reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. General feeling based on inequality, the Dominic Cumming’s scandal, anger towards the police and the difficulty in enforcing lockdown restrictions could all play their part in the incidence of riots taking place in 2020.

Localised Lockdowns

Although lockdown restrictions have been largely lifted, and there is a sense that Britain is getting back to normal, it is known that the country’s R rate is still hovering just beneath 1. It has been implied that in areas where the R rate increases over this threshold, that local lockdown measures could be imposed to keep the level of infection in check. Professor Clifford Stott, who is a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies explains that disorder could escalate rapidly in poorer areas if there is a feeling that there are tougher restrictions being dished out to poorer communities in comparison to those living in more affluent neighbourhoods. He concludes, “If the police don’t invest in building positive police-community relations now, there is a potential for serious and large public disorder to emerge this summer.”

Why Businesses Need To Prepare

When the riots took place in 2011, an estimated £200 million worth of property damaged occurred, which also significantly impacted on local economic activity. Clearly, with the UK poised to enter a deep recession, local businesses will not want to take on any further damage to their shrinking profit lines. Therefore, it pays to invest now in riot-proofing your business premises to ensure that they’re not targeted, or can withstand attacks from any disorder that breaks out this summer.

Protecting Your Exterior

During riots, protesters tend to use brute force to hack their way into commercial premises. This is why fortifying the exterior of your building is an absolute necessity. Invest in Secured by Design doors to tighten the defence of your property. SBD doors are part of a police initiative to ‘design out crime’. In order to attain the SBD accreditation, security doors, windows, guards or shutters must withstand prolonged attacks during testing stages to ensure that they don’t buckle under the pressures of an attempted intrusion.

CCTV is also essential in safeguarding your premises and assets. The latest surveillance technology is able to zoom in and provide quality HD images of faces or car licence plates which are essential in helping the police to identify perpetrators of an attack.

Check Your Insurance

Now would be a great time to check your insurance and ensure that you have enough cover to rebuild your business if it is targeted during a riot. Make sure also that you’re following the guidance of your insurance company to have certain measures in place, such as alarm systems or surveillance feeds.

No-one wants to envisage their business being under attack, but it pays to be prepared. Work out the best way to secure your premises from anything from small-scale attacks up to a full-blown riot to protect your business from a major loss.