Pancake Day is a day for gorging on the sugary, fried batter goodness, but did you know there are gadgets out there to make your pancake experience easier? We’ve rounded up the best pancake-making gadgets for you to use this Pancake Day:

A Quirky Stem Juicer

A stem spray is just the gadget for those who don’t like peeling zesty limes or citrusy lemons! To use this nifty little gadget, simply pierce the fruit and then press down on the top of the stem spray to mist your pancakes with a delicious hint of zest. It’s mess-free, quick and easy!

Egg Cracker

Crack or separate eggs in one easy squeeze of the handle, this egg cracker allows you to crack eggs easily, without having to fish out those annoying shell pieces. It’s a good little gadget if you’ve got a bunch of eggs to crack, and your hands will stay super clean in the process.

Twin Pan

We’ve all been there – you’ve got the perfect looking pancake, but it’s time to flip it to crisp up the sides. You flip the pancake and suddenly, it’s dropped out the pan and splashed everywhere.

Well with a twin pan, you won’t have that problem any longer! The non-stick coating will allow your pancake to crisp up evenly on both sides, and save you the hassle of having to do a messy flip.

Flexible Pancake Turner

If you do fancy flipping your pancakes this Pancake Day, why not try the OXO flexible pancake turner? This handy little tool is an essential for flipping and transferring your pancakes from pan to plate in one piece.

Pancake Creator

If you fancy getting creative, why not try a pancake creator? Bring out your inner artist and design unique pancakes for everyone to enjoy! There are plenty of YouTube tutorials if you fancy following a detailed design.


Hopefully these gadgets will help your Pancake Day run smoothly and leave the kitchen in a much cleaner state than last year!