Get Rid of Nuisance Birds Quickly


sparrowsWhy You Should Call in The Professionals

When pest birds strike on your property, call Effective Bird Control without delay.

A pest problem on a property can cause all kinds of problems, from structural damage to the spread of diseases. So if you notice that birds are nesting on your property, it’s time to take action. Effective Bird Control are the most trusted bird prevention experts in London and Essex, and will quickly be able to resolve your problem, whether it’s big or small – the key is just acting quickly!

Stay vigilant

Whether you have been at your current property for years or have just moved in, it’s so important to be vigilant and keep an eye out for birds. If there are any holes in the walls or roof of your property, be sure to get these filled as they are very attractive to birds. Eaves and dormer roofs are popular nesting spots as well. So identify any problem areas, and keep checking them regularly. If you do spot something unusual, don’t wait for it to go away by itself. Birds can severely damage property in a small amount of time, so acting quickly is essential.

Leave it to the experts

It’s important to leave pest bird removal to the professionals. Removing birds’ nests and installing anti-bird measures can involve working at great heights or in awkward to reach places, which can be risky for untrained people to attempt. Not only that, but a bird control professional will have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done much more quickly and efficiently than if you were to attempt it yourself. If you get in touch with Effective Bird Control, they will have someone at your property assessing the problem in no time at all.

Suited to all properties

It doesn’t matter if you have a bird problem at your home or a business premises, as Effective Bird Control can deal with pest birds on both private and commercial properties of all sizes. When they arrive, they will first of all identify which birds are causing the issue, and then which bird control method will be most effective for your property. There’s no one size fits all method of bird control, and hiring an expert in the field means that you’ll get a solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of you and whoever is using your property alongside you.

Keep the birds at bay

Once effective Bird Control have resolved the pest problem on your property, they will be able to show you how to stop them from returning in the future. Their bird prevention measures will protect your property in the long-term, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to get back to normal quickly. All the anti-bird measures used by Effective Bird Control are humane and environmentally friendly too, so you will be able to use their services with a clean conscience.

Pick up the phone and get your property back

If you have been meaning to deal with problem birds on your property for some time now, make this the year you tackle the issue once and for all. Effective Bird Control will get rid of any unwanted feathered guests in no time at all, and will be on hand to offer you advice if you need it going forward. So why not pick up the phone today?

Get Fit and Lose Weight in 2019

personal fitness trainer in London

personal fitness trainer in LondonHow a Personal Trainer Can Help You

If you’ve always struggled to keep weight off in the long term, then a personal trainer could be just what you need.

If you’re still struggling to shift the pounds that you gained during the festive season, then you are definitely not alone. What could set you apart though, is your determination to go the extra mile. Hiring a London fitness coach from Big T Fitness could be what finally helps you get fit and lose weight for good. Here’s how a personal trainer could help you to achieve your goals in the coming months.

Train how it suits you

Hiring a personal trainer gives you a lot of flexibility. You can train at the gym, with all the fitness equipment that you need right there at your fingertips. Or if you’re not quite ready to work out in such a public setting, your personal trainer can come to your home. Personal trainers can work with you in a one-on-one setting, or you can choose to work out with friends. It’s totally up to you. The Big T Fitness experience can be tailored to your unique needs, so you can work out in a way that suits you.

Stay on track

We all start off the new year with the best of intentions, splashing out on fitness gear and signing up for a plethora of exercise classes. However, it can be hard to keep that motivation going for 12 months. That’s where a personal trainer comes in. They’re always in your corner, and will be there to motivate you and set goals for you. Having someone there to spur you on when things get tough is such a big help, and is often the difference between keeping extra weight on or off.

Avoid mistakes

Having a personal trainer there to cheer you on won’t just keep you motivated, but will help you to work out much more safely as well. Hiring a personal trainer through Big T Fitness means that you are going to be working with a fitness coach with decades of experience in the field. They will be able to see if you are going wrong, and offer you expert advice on every aspect of your workout. So you’ll be much less likely to injure yourself through poor posture or incorrect technique, resulting in less setbacks and much quicker results.

Keep it exciting

Just like anything, it’s easy to get bored with exercise if it becomes too repetitive. That’s why you see lots of people out jogging in January, but that number has dwindled drastically by March! If you work out with a Big T Fitness trainer, you’ll be able to enjoy workouts that are engaging and full of variety. Your personal trainer will always add new things to the mix, and will update your workout as your skills and fitness increase. So you’ll always feel challenged and ready to smash your next target.

Why not give it a go?

With classes in London starting from as little as £35, working out with a personal trainer doesn’t need to be something that breaks the bank. Rather than spent money on a gym membership that you’re never going to make the most of, invest in your health and happiness and sign up for a fitness experience that’s tailor made for you.

Get Your Kids Into Football Early

children playing football

children playing footballSign Them Up to a Soccer Class and Reap the Rewards

If you want to get the most out of football classes, then sign your child up when they are a toddler.

Do you have a little toddler who’s already showing interest in football? Or maybe you just want to get your child enjoying sport at an early age? Whatever the situation, a SoccerDays football class could be just what you are looking for! With fun lessons for children ranging from 2-7 years old and a variety of locations, they’re the leading provider of fun, informative football classes for little kids.

Starting young

As anyone who has taken up a hobby later on life will know, it’s so much easier to pick up a skill when you are young. Children absorb information at an incredible rate, making their tender years the perfect time to introduce them to football. You can enrol your child at a SoccerDays football class when they are as young as 2-3 ½ years old, or when they are between the ages of 3 ½-5 or 5-7.

Age-appropriate activities

You may be wondering why we’re being quite specific about age groups. Well, the children at SoccerDays are always split into narrow age bands so that they can learn in an age-appropriate way. The Football Classes for Toddlers will tackle the basics of the beautiful game in a fun, accessible way – and then as your child grows they can progress onto the classes for children. Putting children of all ages together will only end up holding some children back and overwhelming others.

Establish healthy habits

The earlier you start taking your child to football classes, the sooner you will be setting them up for a healthy lifestyle. Getting into the habit of regularly playing sport when they are young will mean that a child will have a much more positive attitude to keeping fit as they grow up. Regular exercise doesn’t just have physical benefits, but it can work wonders for the mind too. If those healthy habits are in place early, your child won’t look at exercise as a chore.

Rain or shine

Gone are the days of watching your little one play football in the pouring rain, as SoccerDays classes are held indoors. So rain or shine, you can take your child to their weekly football class. There will be no last-minute cancellations due to bad weather, and no muddy football kits to wash. So for busy parents, a SoccerDays football class really is the best option.

Book with confidence

Sending your child off to a football class will make any parent nervous, especially if they are only a couple of years old. SoccerDays work with your child’s happiness and safety in mind, and their lessons are carried out by experienced. FA-qualified coaches. Parents are invited to come and watch the classes too, so your child will never be too far out of your sight. Of course, they will be having too much fun to notice that you’re even there!

What are you waiting for?

Why not make this the year that you give your child the best possible start in life? With SoccerDays offering a free trial lesson for newcomers, there’s no reason not to take your child along to see if they love it. Who knows, you could have the next Harry Kane or Fran Kirby on your hands!

Successful Weight Loss Is All In the Mind

meditating by the sea

meditating by the seaHow Hypnosis Could Change Your Life

If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, then you should consider hypnosis.

Weight loss is on everyone’s mind at the minute. Whether it’s obsessing over how to fit into that outfit you’ve bought for a Christmas party or thoughts of those looming New Year’s resolutions, most of us are worrying about our waistlines this winter. So naturally, we diet. However, this is just a quick fix, and won’t get to the root cause of the issue.

Think differently about weight loss

There’s no doubt that dieting and surgery can help you to lose weight fast, but you may find that even if you do manage to lose a lot of excess pounds, keeping them off may be something of an uphill struggle. That’s because crash diets and weight loss surgeries don’t deal with the root cause of your overeating – which for many people is in the mind. If that is left untreated, old habits will creep back in and soon you’ll find that all of your hard work was for nothing. So, what can you do to get your mind and body working in sync?


Many people who have struggled to maintain a healthy weight find that they finally turn a corner after hypnosis for weight loss. Hypnosis can sound scary for they uninitiated, but it’s actually really straightforward and effective.  When practised by a qualified clinician, hypnosis can help you let go of negative beliefs, build a more positive self-image, and improve your confidence and self-esteem. All of these are vital for permanent weight loss. Most people find that after hypnosis they aren’t emotionally triggered to overeat any more, and they can finally make permanent, healthy changes to their lifestyle.

A safer option

Hypnosis is a weight loss treatment that is kind to your body and mind, unlike crash diet programmes that prey on your insecurities when you are at your lowest point. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, and you’ll be deeply relaxed and looked after during your sessions. Hypnosis is suitable for a huge range of people, and as a result is recommended by medical professionals all over the UK. Another good thing is that unlike weight loss surgery there is no recovery time, and it’s a lot less expensive. So it’s a much more accessible and less disruptive way to a healthier you.

A long-term fix

If you choose to look at the root cause of your unhealthy eating habits, then you have made a long-term commitment. Undergoing weight loss hypnosis isn’t going to mean that those extra pounds are going to just fall off overnight. Rather, it is the careful and meticulous unravelling of years of unhealthy habits, some of which could go as far back as your childhood. With each session you’ll be making small but significant progress, and that will be reflected in your weight loss. It’s much better to lose weight gradually and safely, and hypnosis is the perfect accompaniment to a healthy, balanced diet.

The first step to a new you

If you want to make a change in 2019, then hypnosis could be the perfect solution for you. By making a start now, you could be a totally different person come next Christmas. Free to enjoy food, but without the danger of unhealthy habits taking over and derailing your efforts. Doesn’t that sound like a better option than a restrictive fad diet?

The Best Natural Hair Wigs

The Best Natural Hair Wigs

A Stunning Solution for Those Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss can be devastating, causing stress and anxiety about social interactions. Luckily, natural hair wigs are a glamorous solution to this problem.

8 million women in the UK experience some form of hair loss, whether it be from cancer treatment, alopecia areata and even a reaction to some types of oral contraceptive pill. Whatever the reason for your hair loss, it can be extremely hard to come to terms with. As well as fearing social situations and having your picture taken, 40% of those with hair loss admit to avoiding meeting new people due to anxiety and embarrassment of their condition.

But a real and innovative solution exists which will stop you from avoiding everyday activities that used to make you happy. Wigs have advanced significantly over the past few decades to look entirely natural to the untrained eye. If you have any type of hair loss that is causing you emotional strain, then consider having a natural wig customised for you.

Starting with The Foundation

If you’re worried about natural hair wigs feeling hot and uncomfortable, then think again. Modern wig foundations are constructed using a delicate but strong material that weighs less than a gram – you’ll hardly feel it. The foundation will be comfortable, but you’ll also have the confidence of knowing that it will stand firmly in place, with no worries of slipping.

Matching to Your Hair

Natural wigs are made from up to 70,000 individual strands of natural European hair. Each strand is painstakingly sewed and knotted into the foundation, using a technique that results in a bouncing head of hair that looks and moves like the real thing. There’s no limit to the colour or texture that you might choose for your wig. Obviously if you’d like your wig to replace your natural look, then it’s important to select a shade and hair type that’s an exact match to your own. On the other hand, if you’re opting for a wig to experiment with a new style entirely, then there’s a full range of tones as well as types such as curly, wavy, poker straight or movement, to play around with.

A Cut That Suits You

The hair will be parted anywhere you please to suit your style and face shape, and you don’t need to worry about the foundation showing through as the shade is transparent, so no-one will notice a thing.

Your finished wig can be cut and coloured if necessary by a professional hairdresser, before you’re ready to go home with it. Usual styling techniques such as hair rollers or straighteners and the use of products are absolutely fine.

Caring for Your Wig

Of course, the major difference between a wig and your own head of hair, is that you’ll need to remove and hang up your wig at the end of the day. You can simply mount the piece on a head block and treat it using specialist wig care products to ensure longevity and lasting quality.

Although hair loss can be devastating, especially when it comes out of the blue, there’s no need to shy away from people when you can continue to look your best in a natural hair wig. So why not take the plunge and try one out for size?

Post Brexit Europe Deliveries Made Simple

Brexit border traffic jam

Brexit border traffic jamPositive Logistic Solutions In An Uncertain Climate

Affordable solutions for companies who need to keep their distribution ties to Europe long after the UK has exited the EU.

At 11pm on Friday, 29th March 2019, the UK will be leaving the EU. Whilst this decision and the subsequent process of Brexit has been the subject of headlines for over two years now, its impact is felt significantly in the logistics industry. The sector relies heavily on cross-border operations with countries within Europe, so the decision to quit the EU has created much uncertainty for businesses who rely on logistics for the smooth transportation of their goods. What exactly does Brexit mean for those who require deliveries to Europe and what are the solutions?

Loss Of European Workers

An estimated 10% of the UK’s commercial haulage vehicles are driven by EU workers. One of the bonuses of being part of the EU was the Freedom of Movement policy, which allows EU citizens to live and work in any other EU nation. However, once we have officially left Europe, then a large number of UK truck drivers will be forced to leave the UK. As the logistics industry already has a shortage of drivers, this further loss will be quite a hit. It’s likely that wages will go up in a bid to attract more British drivers to plug the gap. However, the extra money to pay for these drivers will need to come from somewhere and will likely be passed down to customers across the sector.

The Cost Of Customs And Border Control

Similarly, another aspect of Brexit that may cost the logistics industry is related to border crossings. Currently, the Schengen agreement largely allows vehicles to pass between borders without checks or being stopped. But when we leave the EU, there will be much tighter controls between the UK and our European neighbours. A fantastic example of this can be seen in the border between Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland which is an EU state. When we exit, this crossing alone is expected to cost businesses billions every year.

Positive Solutions For Customers

But of course, where there are perceived problems in the logistics sector, there’s also the potential for solutions. And some logistics companies are working hard to put their customers first, considering how they can bring down the cost of goods transportation within the uncertain economic and political climate. A great option for smaller businesses who need to distribute across Europe is to use part load transport services. These are ideal in a situation where a company doesn’t yet have the requirement to fill an entire vehicle with their order. If you only need to send a few products, then you can take advantage of groupage transport which means that your goods will be sent alongside those from other companies, and you’ll pay only for the space you use within the loaded vehicle.

You’ll still be able to offer next day deliveries, or other specific requirements, as well as utilising integrated warehouse and fulfilment services, which ensure that the goods can be dispatched shortly after an order has been placed.

While the future of the UK after Brexit is uncertain, as much in the logistics industry as in other areas, small businesses still stand to do well out of the European market, so long as they stick with haulage companies that are forward-thinking and make the best out of the new market.

New Luxury Watch Company Born in Japan

New Luxury Watch Company Born in Japan

Grand Seiko Finally Makes Its Debut

Grand Seiko has long lived in the shadow of its parent brand, but now it is finally getting its time to shine.

The luxury watch industry is constantly changing and evolving, and there are always new developments to look out for. One such announcement is that Grand Seiko is to operate separately from its parent company, Seiko. Grand Seiko watches have gained something of a cult following thanks to the fact that they used to be quite tricky to get your hands on. Now, with their very own company, they’re set to go global! Here’s everything that you need to know.

The grand unveiling

Seiko is a name that most of us are familiar with. Before 2010 Grand Seiko, the luxury branch of the brand, had only been available in Japan or when they popped up on second-hand sites every now and again. After 2010, they became available worldwide but under the umbrella of the larger Seiko brand. This year, that all changed. The Seiko head office announced that it had created a new company in the USA solely dedicated to the sales, marketing and distribution of Grand Seiko. Called Grand Seiko Corp. of America (GSA), it’s the very first Grand Seiko company in the world. So now getting hold of a watch will be even easier!

Making a global impact

GSA is set to usher in “a new era for Grand Seiko,” bosses at Seiko said at the time of launch. Grand Seiko currently enjoys a great deal of prominence and prestige in Japan, and the plan is that making it a wholly independent brand will see it gain global recognition. With big events such as the 2020 Olympics around the corner, there’s never been a better time to increase the visibility of Japanese brands. Top athletes such as Novak Djokovic already endorse Seiko, and taking Grand Seiko independent could lay the foundations for relationships with global household names.

Beautiful new models

Seiko is a brand that so many people trust, and Grand Seiko takes all of the characteristics of the core brand and elevates them. To celebrate the launch of GSA, a new range of models have been announced. In great news for those who have followed the brand for years, they are re-workings of classic Grand Seiko designs updated to reflect the bold new direction of the company. So if you haven’t invested in a beautiful Grand Seiko watch before, there’s never been a better time to start shopping than now!

Investing in a luxury timepiece

Luxe Watches are the dealers of choice for those who are serious about building up a collection of stunning luxury watches. With a huge range of timepieces to choose from and payment plans that suit all kinds of budgets, there’s no better place to find the watch of your dreams. Whether you have your eye on one of those new Grand Seiko designs or a watch from another luxury brand, Luxe Watches could help you find the perfect timepiece this autumn.

The perfect festive gift?

Second-hand watch sites have long been the place to find elusive luxury watches, and now that Grand Seiko are an independent, international brand you can expect to see the variety online to increase dramatically. With fledgling watch companies like Grand Seiko bringing striking new models to the market, it’s certainly worth keeping your eyes peeled in the run-up to Christmas!

Give the Perfect Piece of Jewellery This Christmas

Give The Perfect Piece Of Jewellery This Christmas

A Personal Gift Goes A Long Way

Whether you’re planning to propose or just surprise a loved one with a particularly thoughtful and unique gift – bespoke jewellery is the way to go.

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to think about what to give to your partner or loved ones. Of course, you could leave it until Christmas Eve and join the throng of shoppers that descend on places such as Westfield or the Trafford Centre to pick up a last-minute desperation purchase. But if your loved one is worthy of a little more effort, then it’s time to start planning a beautiful gift – and what could be more thoughtful than to give jewellery to someone you love?

First Steps

Start by working out what piece of jewellery you might like to give. Is there a gap in their collection for a ring or a bracelet perhaps? What does your partner usually wear? And of course, the biggest question – are you planning to propose this Christmas?


First of all, has the recipient got their ears pierced already? If not, then you’ll need to look at clip-ons, or consider another item. But for those with a piercing, work out if your partner prefers stud, drop earrings or bangles. It’s also important to note if it’s they have single or multiple piercings in each lobe – it’s important not to choose a pair of earrings that will outbalance the others, leading to an overcrowded look.


Make a decision about whether you’d like to give the gift of a necklace for your partner to wear every day, or if this is meant to be more of a statement piece for special occasions. Take note of what he or she normally wears to decide how bold you want to go. Some ladies for example with a petite frame and neckline would be drowned by a necklace that is too weighty or vibrant. But here, a daintier stone set on a thinner chain would spell elegance.


There are plenty of different styles of bracelet to choose from, which makes this a wonderful gift for a Christmas present. For example, you might select a charm bracelet and then you can continue to add special charms for every birthday, Christmas or anniversary going forward. Another popular option is to invest in a classic bangle which you could have engraved with a loving message.


Think long and hard about getting a ring for a Christmas present if you’re not intending to propose. But if you’re all set to pop the question, then there’s not a time of year that is more romantic. Ideally you would have a good idea of what type of ring your future spouse likes – do they love solitaire diamonds or prefer a more vintage setting? Don’t worry too much about getting the size right as this is always something you can have altered for a perfect fit.

The Individual Touch

With all jewellery, there’s something particularly special about receiving a one-of-a-kind piece. Creating bespoke jewellery for a loved one means designing the piece from scratch and considering their personal preferences, metal colour, skin tone, birth stone perhaps and most importantly what suits them as an individual. The recipient will be forever grateful for the amount of effort that has gone into receiving such a kind-hearted choice of gift, and it’s something that they can wear for the rest of their lives.

Moving to Canvey Island

Moving to Canvey Island

A Slice of Island Life a Short Commute from London

One of Essex’s forgotten corners is gradually finding its way onto the map. Grab a slice of island life before everyone finds out!

Essex is often seen as being a county that has a little of everything. The birthplace of the Essex Girl and Boy, celebrated in TV shows like The Only Way is Essex, the county is also home to the breath-taking beauty of Constable Country, and picture-postcard villages like Finchingfield to the north of the county.

Look a little harder, however, and there are even more choices. Those who favour a remote location more akin to the fens should venture out into the Dengie Peninsular. And if you fancy some island living? Simply get some independent mortgage advice in Canvey Island and you can even enjoy your very own island hideaway, while still being in easy commuting distance of the city.

A short history of Canvey

The seven square mile island has been inhabited since Roman times but was predominantly given over to agriculture till the early 20th century. In the post-war years, as London expanded at an ever-growing rate and the overspill towns of Basildon and Harlow emerged, Canvey also went into a golden period, and was the fastest-growing seaside resort in the country. Then, disaster struck in 1953 with the Great Flood. Back then, sea defences were practically non-existent, and the island was evacuated, but not before 58 people lost their lives.

Subsequently, the island was reborn. Modern sea defences measuring more than two miles in length have been installed, and most properties were built in the 1960s. Today, Canvey still has its beach and a smattering of seaside leisure facilities, but it is no longer the tourist destination that it was in the early 20th century. There are more than 30,000 residents, and the southern tip of the island is dominated by the petrochemical industry.

What to pay

There really is something for every budget on Canvey. One-bedroom apartments and park homes are available for as little as £150,000, while there is a great choice of three bedroom houses around the £250,000 mark.


It might be an island, but it is not a remote one. Benfleet Station stands conveniently just across the bridge, and from there, it is a 45 minute train ride into Fenchurch Street station, with trains running every 10 minutes. Road links have been significantly improved in recent years by the addition of a second bridge, and you can be on the M25 inside 30 minutes.


Canvey has a wealth of primary schools, six of which achieved a rating of “good” or “outstanding” in the latest Ofsted reports. There are also two secondary schools, Corneleus Vermuyden and Castle View, which achieved “good” ratings.

Shops and local facilities

Canvey has a bustling town centre that has more than enough to cater for day to day needs. The Knightswick Shopping Centre is home to a Sainsburys Superstore as well as a selection of clothes shops, banks, cafes and other facilities. There is also a good choice of pubs, bars and restaurants dotted around the town, including the Labworth Restaurant, where you can enjoy a range of contemporary dishes in a Grade Two listed building with panoramic views across the estuary.

Construction Starts on New Innovation Centre at the University of Essex

Construction Starts On New Innovation Centre at the University of Essex

‘High tech hot house’ on university campus set to house 50 new businesses

A £12 million building project at the University of Essex campus in Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, is set to house up to 50 high tech businesses at the University’s Knowledge Gateway as part of an ambitious masterplan to eventually see some 2000 people working there.

Part of high tech development

The Innovation Centre, with funding from both the South East Local Enterprise Partnership and Essex County Council, is being built by Kier Construction Eastern who envisage the completion of the 38,000 square feet building by early 2019.

The Knowledge Gateway already has a business community of more than 20 small enterprises located at the Parkside Office Village, and this and the new Innovation Centre will help businesses benefit greatly from being based on a campus offering excellent resources and facilities.

The university describes the new Innovation Centre as a ‘high tech hot house’ with the accent being very much on providing a modern, well connected and resource-filled business start up environment where fledgling companies can flourish and grow easily through open access to top class support.

Linking businesses and facilities in a £50 million investment

The university has so far invested £50 million in its 43 acre Knowledge Gateway site since kicking off the project in 2010, and some of their graduates have already found positions with some of the businesses located there.

The Innovation Centre, along with the existing buildings, will be a modern styled, thoughtfully designed structure with space around it to provide an efficient and pleasant working environment. Much thought has gone into the general design of the Knowledge Gateway complex generally – it’s a fair bet much effort went into the architecture and a measured building survey may well have figured somewhere along the line.

University campus offers businesses excellent facilities

Along with excellent research facilities, not to mention a chance for businesses to attract top class talent from the pool of students and graduates, there are modern campus facilities within a five minute walk and the thriving, modern town of Colchester is right on the doorstep.

Businesses setting up shop in the new Innovation Centre can benefit from the following campus facilities:

  • Research facilities such as ESSEXLab
  • Interpretation facilities to UN standards
  • Conference facilities
  • Graphic design and print through in-house studio (actually will be located in the Innovation Centre)
  • Sports and gym including regular classes
  • Many cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Mini market and banking facilities
  • Recreational facilities including theatre, art gallery and 200 acres of parkland

The university’s £21 million Essex Business School – opened in 2015 – is very close to the new business buildings and offers education options including MBA courses and a large cafe ideal for more informal meet ups.

Choosing a work space

The university’s Knowledge Gateway generally and the Innovation Centre in particular provide space suitable for small, medium and large businesses who choose to design their own bespoke workspace.

The university’s design and build team can be consulted to help create the ideal space in the new facility based on the business’s specific requirements.