5 marketing tips to help boost your brand

From encouraging referrals to branding your delivery vans, effective marketing is critical if you wish to succeed in the crowded courier service market.


It can be difficult to stand out in the crowded delivery service market, particularly when it contains several big-name brands. In order to succeed you need to continually grow your customer base, and effective marketing is the key to achieving this.


Make a plan

Before you begin any marketing activities it’s important to first create a marketing plan. Sitting down and clarifying your objectives, key selling points, target audience, main competitors, strengths and weaknesses, and key performance indicators, will ensure that any marketing you do is strategically planned and targeted. This in turn will help you to achieve the biggest impact for your delivery business.


Use social media

Social media enables companies to engage directly with potential customers for little to no cost, making it a perfect marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Create a business page on Facebook (and potentially LinkedIn if your customer base is made up of other businesses) and regularly post engaging content that your customers will find interesting. To boost your visibility further you might also want to consider investing in Facebook advertising.


Alongside your social media activity you should also consider writing a regular blog. It’s a great way to engage directly and informally with your target audience, and studies have shown that it’s a proven way of generating leads and winning new business. Try to create posts that directly address your customers’ needs in order to build trust.


Harness your fleet

One of your most effective marketing tools could be sitting outside in the car park as you read this. Commercial vehicle branding, whereby decals or graphics are applied to your company vehicles, has been proven to significantly increase visibility and boost brand recognition. As a delivery service, your vans are a core part of your business so make the most of them by covering them in your branding and turning them into moving adverts for your company.


Explore direct mail
Contrary to popular opinion, direct mail is far from dead. It may be somewhat of an old school marketing method, but it can still be really effective when done well, with one report revealing that 40% of consumers go on to do business with a new company after receiving direct mail. What’s more, in a world full of digital marketing, a printed flyer dropped through the door can really help your message to stand out from the crowd. Keep costs down and add a personal touch by getting your drivers to deliver the mail.


Encourage referrals

Research has shown that word of mouth is a key driving factor in up to half of all purchasing decisions. Referrals play a particularly vital role in the success (or otherwise) of small businesses and they should be an important tool in your marketing arsenal. In order to benefit from word of mouth marketing you need to provide an excellent service, so always make sure you put your customer at the heart of what you do. You can also encourage customer referrals by offering a referral bonus scheme whereby existing customers are rewarded for successful referrals, perhaps by giving them a free or discounted delivery for every friend who uses your services.


There are lots of marketing options out there to help you grow your delivery service company. Whichever methods you choose, don’t forget to measure and evaluate your activities on a regular basis to make sure they are having the desired effect. That way you can continue with the marketing methods that have the most impact, helping your delivery business to go from strength to strength.