Brighton Corner with 2 stolls and an armchairWhen the clouds clear after what felt like the longest, dreariest winter ever, our thoughts immediately turn to enjoying the great outdoors. We start planning days out, camping holidays and weekends at the coast. And even if we can’t spare some time away to embark on our holidays and outings, chances are we’ll at least plan a sunny afternoon BBQ or invite our friends and family around for a picnic lunch in the garden.

Spending time outside can do us the world of good. The sun is a source of Vitamin D, which is wonderful for the immune system and great for the heart. Being outside in the fresh air is a natural mood booster and helps you to keep active.

Summertime is a time for entertaining people in the garden, relaxing with a BBQ sizzling in the background or even just taking the afternoon out to read a book in the sun.

If you’re looking for luxury garden dining furniture to help entertain your guests on or a sofa set to relax on in the evenings, we think our Brighton Corner Set ticks all the boxes. This corner set is perfect for enjoying the long sunny days and warm summer evenings on.

The Brighton Set is a luxurious seating arrangement with plenty of space for up to eight adults. The relaxed seating set is ideal for those who enjoy entertaining family and friends in the garden and are looking for suitable seats for people to relax in.

The corner set is constructed using Aluminium frames and a 5mm core weave. This combination of materials will give you a sturdy and resilient frame work, and ensure that your set will give you years of maintenance free service. It’s also really easy to keep the cushions soft and clean, just mix a mild detergent together and sponge them down. To keep the framework clean, we recommend using warm soapy water to clean the frame and then hosing it down clean.

The set comes fully built, with the exception of the table legs, so the seating area can be set up and used within a few minutes of unpacking. The table comes with a parasol hole so that the set can be in shade with ease.