The presence of pests in the workplace can cause economic loss to the owner, staff and suppliers.

Retail businesses, particularly restaurants and fast food chains, can be vulnerable to having a pest infestation. It can be a daunting task to keep a food business pest free, especially when there are so many consumables and tasty ingredients in one place.


Call professional pest control experts

To keep the property well sanitised, you will need to use exterminators and pest control experts in every few months. Essex Pest Control, the leading pest control services essex service, have extensive knowledge and a qualified team to get the job done. They have the necessary state of the art equipment in order to take care of any pests that have found their way into your business, from rodents and cockroaches to ants and insects.

Routine inspections

Simple, regular inspections can make a big different to a business. An infestation of pests will rarely occur overnight, it usually takes days and sometimes even weeks to fully manifest. Routine inspections are extremely important for food businesses so that any problems related to pests can be dealt with immediately. Finding the problem before it becomes uncontrollable is the best way to tackle pest control. Therefore, as a precaution, routine inspections should be held in the workplace from time to time or have professionals brought in to do it.

Seal any cracks, holes and crevices

Carrying out thorough inspections of the business will highlight any cracks, holes and hidden crevices where pests may be nesting to expand their colony. Business owners should be mindful of this, and have the exterior inspected regularly to make sure there are no cracks in walls where pests can access the property through. If you happen to find any cracks in your search, make sure to seal them as soon as possible. Leaving the cracks and not doing anything about them can increase the possibility of infestation.

Have a clean workspace

Most important of all – keep clean! It is the easiest and most effect way to avoid pest issues. Pest infestations can only occur when routine cleaning is not being done and waste is not being disposed of correctly. Establish a cleaning routine to keep pests away and clear any mess as promptly as possible.