Do you want to develop an app for your business? It’s a very good idea in fact, because in a world that moves towards the digital scene, it’s a good thing to have your business present in most scenarios, and that includes the digital world. Because thanks to this, you will be able to target your customers online.

But how much does it really cost? We will examine the costs, so you can start budgeting and see if it’s a viable project for you. Because it can be kind of expensive, but maybe this is what your business needs to move onto the next level.

We will talk about 2 types of apps:

  1. Table-based app
  2. Database app

These are the two more popular options. We won’t go in detail to explain how much it will cost in regards of a specific OS (Android, Windows, iOS, etc). We will just provide you with the bigger picture. Let’s start with table-based apps.

Table-based App:

This app allows you to show your business info in a professional, engaging and elegant way. This is perfect for businesses with many services. The developer will create many lists, so that once a client clicks on them, all the information that’s relevant will pop up and be brought to the client.

This is useful for a wide myriad of businesses, especially because it’s straight to the point, and as such the development costs range between $1k-2.5K dollars. We know that it’s not exceptionally cheap, but for a solid app, this is what you are expected to pay.

The dev can also add a list exclusively for offers that can be updated whenever you see is needed. An effective way to bring your potential customers a way to know more about your business in an app.

Database Apps:

This is for businesses that want to have a highly didactic and responsive app to represent their business. The price here is a bit more expensive, a developer will bill you around $8K-10K dollars depending on how complex it is.

This is recommended for businesses with such a big budget, for small businesses it’s honestly an overkill, because your customers are likely not to need this.

These apps, as its own name suggests, are powered and administrated by a database. The extra cost comes because the developer will have to set up different logical functions, and this comes attached to an extra big cost.

So, if you think your company needs to a very interactive app, then this is the way to go. As we have seen, it’s going to be a lot more expensive, but it can help you to get an edge over your competition, because this professional app will speak very well about your company.


This is what you should expect to pay, of course, the price can differ from developer to developer, and the OS you want it to work for. These are facts you need to consider.