children playing footballSign Them Up to a Soccer Class and Reap the Rewards

If you want to get the most out of football classes, then sign your child up when they are a toddler.

Do you have a little toddler who’s already showing interest in football? Or maybe you just want to get your child enjoying sport at an early age? Whatever the situation, a SoccerDays football class could be just what you are looking for! With fun lessons for children ranging from 2-7 years old and a variety of locations, they’re the leading provider of fun, informative football classes for little kids.

Starting young

As anyone who has taken up a hobby later on life will know, it’s so much easier to pick up a skill when you are young. Children absorb information at an incredible rate, making their tender years the perfect time to introduce them to football. You can enrol your child at a SoccerDays football class when they are as young as 2-3 ½ years old, or when they are between the ages of 3 ½-5 or 5-7.

Age-appropriate activities

You may be wondering why we’re being quite specific about age groups. Well, the children at SoccerDays are always split into narrow age bands so that they can learn in an age-appropriate way. The Football Classes for Toddlers will tackle the basics of the beautiful game in a fun, accessible way – and then as your child grows they can progress onto the classes for children. Putting children of all ages together will only end up holding some children back and overwhelming others.

Establish healthy habits

The earlier you start taking your child to football classes, the sooner you will be setting them up for a healthy lifestyle. Getting into the habit of regularly playing sport when they are young will mean that a child will have a much more positive attitude to keeping fit as they grow up. Regular exercise doesn’t just have physical benefits, but it can work wonders for the mind too. If those healthy habits are in place early, your child won’t look at exercise as a chore.

Rain or shine

Gone are the days of watching your little one play football in the pouring rain, as SoccerDays classes are held indoors. So rain or shine, you can take your child to their weekly football class. There will be no last-minute cancellations due to bad weather, and no muddy football kits to wash. So for busy parents, a SoccerDays football class really is the best option.

Book with confidence

Sending your child off to a football class will make any parent nervous, especially if they are only a couple of years old. SoccerDays work with your child’s happiness and safety in mind, and their lessons are carried out by experienced. FA-qualified coaches. Parents are invited to come and watch the classes too, so your child will never be too far out of your sight. Of course, they will be having too much fun to notice that you’re even there!

What are you waiting for?

Why not make this the year that you give your child the best possible start in life? With SoccerDays offering a free trial lesson for newcomers, there’s no reason not to take your child along to see if they love it. Who knows, you could have the next Harry Kane or Fran Kirby on your hands!