Your living room should be a light, clean space that can be used for welcoming guests or simply relaxing in after a long day at work.

However, as the most lived in room in the house, many people find the lounge quickly becomes an all in one – as well as a living room, it’s often a dinner table, office space and storage solution.

From dry cleaning rugs to putting up shelves, here are five quick ways to freshen up your living space.

Get rid of unused furniture and furnishings

Over time, people often add to their furniture and furnishings without getting rid of any old items. What starts as a new cushion soon turns into six cushions, two throws and a bean bag. Sit down and decide which items you truly want and give the rest to charity.

Any leftover furnishings, such as rugs or cushion covers, should be thoroughly cleaned. While they may not seem dirty, it’s amazing how much grime can build up over time. Giving these items a vigorous wash can make them seem as good as new.

Make the most of your wall space

Swapping sideboards for floating shelves is a simple way of making more space without needing to get rid of any of your homeware and accessories. Choose white shelves for a cool, minimal look, or natural wood for a more rustic vibe.

Paint your skirting boards

Repainting the walls is an effective way of brightening up a living room, but it can be time consuming to DIY and expensive to go down the professional route. Freshening up the paint on your skirting boards, windows and door frames takes less than half a day and makes a huge difference to the overall brightness of the room.

Invest in a statement art piece

If you find your living room lacks personality, but you want to avoid the clutter of having too many wall pieces, invest in a singular piece of statement art that takes up space and draws attention. This is a good way of adding personality to the room without overloading the senses. For rentals, it has the added benefit of only needing one or two nails to hang, rather than dozens.

Get a new lightshade

While it seems like a small detail, the lightshade acts as the focal point of the room and if you have one which is bland or does not compliment the rest of the décor, it can leave your living room feeling flat. Finding a lightshade that ties your décor together can turn a room from meh to amazing. You may also want to upgrade your lightbulb to something brighter, as this really opens the living space. If you love the look of a rustic bulb, invest in some industrial style lamps where they look best.

The living room is really the heart of the home, and periodically reviving it can make you fall in love with your house all over again. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be an expensive job – just a few tricks and its good as new.