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Why Invest in Invisalign Braces Instead of Metal Braces

The saying goes that a smile is worth a thousand words – but what is your smile saying about you?

For people who suffer from uneven, overcrowded or wonky teeth – smiling can be something that makes them feel extremely self-conscious. This leaves them hiding their face, using their hands to cover their mouths, turning away or trying to avoid showing their teeth all together.

Braces are an effective treatment used to gradually move, reposition and straighten teeth over a period of time to give patients a smile they will be proud to show off.

When most people think of braces they think of the ‘traditional’ metal train track style braces that have been used in dentistry for several decades. Thanks to advances in dentistry Invisalign has become a discrete, affordable teeth straightening solution that offers patients an effective alternative to metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign braces are a custom made set of clear, removable aligners that move the patient’s teeth in a sequence determined by their dentist.

These transparent retainer style braces can be taken out quickly and discretely at any time to eat or clean and allow patients to go about their everyday life without feeling self-conscious. 

Each aligner tray or ‘retainer’ is tailor made for each individual and are swapped for the next retainer in the sequence approximately every two weeks – gradually moving the teeth into their correct position over time.

Invisalign VS Metal Braces

Both metal and Invisalign braces are an efficient way to straighten teeth but there are pros and cons to both and each patient has individual needs that may require different treatments. Before making a decision, it is important to talk through all of the options thoroughly with your dentist who can help advise on what treatment would deliver the best results.

Appearance – Invisalign are transparent and almost completely invisible unlike metal braces which are very noticeable.

Removable – Invisalign retainers need to be worn for ideally around 22 hours a day which means you can easily and discretely remove them to eat and brush your teeth whereas metal braces are fixed so cannot be removed at all.

Comfort – Whilst there can be some discomfort or tenderness during the straightening process with both types of braces, with metal braces patients can offer suffer from mouth and gum problems such as cuts on the inside of the cheeks that require salt washes which isn’t an issue with Invisalign.

Eating – Metal braces can cause difficulties when eating which make certain types of foods and things like chewing gum off limits. As well as causing discomfort to the wearer eating the wrong things can damage or break bands, brackets and wires leading to prolonged treatment times. With Invisalign you simply remove your retainer and enjoy your food.

Hygiene – With Invisalign it is exceptionally easy to keep your teeth clean. The retainers can discretely and quickly be removed at any time to eat or brush your teeth, unlike metal braces which can be tricky to not only eat with but keep clean.

Whilst Invisalign braces Essex are a much more favourable option for many patients – not everyone is a suitable candidate. Patients with severely crooked teeth or more complex dental needs may be better suited to a metal brace which will have more chance of success fully aligning teeth in a more reasonable time period.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

For a lot of patients Invisalign is an affordable, effective, easy treatment path for attaining the straight smile they desire. But to achieve such results patients must be disciplined and ensure they follow the rules laid out by their dentist which include;

  • Wearing them consistently for at least the recommended 22 hours a day.
  • Keeping up dental hygiene and cleaning teeth and retainer regularly, thoroughly and in between meals.
  • Be careful not to damage or lose trays as this can lead to delayed treatment and the need for replacement trays.

For subtle, easy, cost effective teeth straightening – Invisalign could be the perfect solution to achieving that smile you’ve always wanted!

5 Reasons Why A Back Massage Can Help Benefit Your Health

A massage is a graceful art performed manually by trained massage therapists using hands and elbows on your body to treat various health conditions. It brings internal well-being and boost those feel-good feelings.

Being a massage therapist is quite a challenging job, as they have to stand up for quite a while and focus on providing effective massages, whilst channelling a strong focus on the patient and demonstrating great body strength.

Massage therapy has a wide scope of practice such as medical massage, sports massage, infant massage, and geriatric massage.

The massage therapy is performed according to the body segments involved; it may be your upper extremity, lower extremity, and your back that needs slow strokes, kneading, and deep pressure applied. A massage will manipulate your soft tissue which allows the joints and muscles to relax and heal.

The back is one major area to massage; the area is large and spread out. Particularly the back massage can help benefit your health. Lying down to have a back massage is like handing over your body as well as the tensions in your back to the massage therapist.

As the massage begins, it will give you a feeling of relief where you can breathe longer and loosen up your body further.

The Health Benefits of a Back Massage

Reduce Back Pain

You may have back pain for various reasons, like a muscle injury, joint degeneration and nerve compressions. A massage helps release endorphins into your blood; a substance that prevents pain signals reaching the brain and activates positive feelings. It also relaxes back muscles and gets you on the pathway to recovery.

Improves Circulation

Massage therapy can help improve circulation in your body as it increases the volume of blood to the area. The blood flows with excessive oxygen and nutrient supply which helps restore muscle properties and its function.

Increased blood supply also helps remove toxins accumulated in your body. The gentle deep strokes up and then to the armpits flushes out the toxins.

Nerve Compression

The backbone is what makes you stand tall and support other skeletal structures in your body. Through the backbone, a bunch of nerves branches to other parts of the body. Sometimes the nerves get compressed by tight muscles which can cause pain and disturbed sensation.

A back massage can ease your pain by releasing tight muscles and guide smooth nerve glides through its course.

Immune System

A poor immune system can lead you to have poor health. Back massage Chelmsford therapy results in increased production of white blood cells in your blood that is responsible for fighting against the disease-causing agent. Back massages boost your immune system enabling you to be healthy.

Stress Management

Your stress may be either internal or external. A relaxing back massage can help to bring down external physical tension and internal mental pressure. It gives complete relaxation to your body that it even improves your sleep which gives your brain time to rest and process life constructively.

After all, a healthy mind and body create a healthy social well-being.

Treat Your Body to A Back Massage

Whether you have back pain or need to relax your body, a back massage can benefit your body a lot. The most important factor is to find a trained massage therapist who can provide you with a back massage that helps to relax your body.

Our therapists at Faye Pattison Physiotherapy Clinic are well trained professionals. We first access, check indication for back massage requirement, and then perform the session accordingly. We make sure that you get the most out of the money and time you invest in a back massage.