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Keep Your Food Business Pest Free

Keep Your Food Business Pest Free

The presence of pests in the workplace can cause economic loss to the owner, staff and suppliers.

Retail businesses, particularly restaurants and fast food chains, can be vulnerable to having a pest infestation. It can be a daunting task to keep a food business pest free, especially when there are so many consumables and tasty ingredients in one place.


Call professional pest control experts

To keep the property well sanitised, you will need to use exterminators and pest control experts in every few months. Essex Pest Control, the leading pest control services essex service, have extensive knowledge and a qualified team to get the job done. They have the necessary state of the art equipment in order to take care of any pests that have found their way into your business, from rodents and cockroaches to ants and insects.

Routine inspections

Simple, regular inspections can make a big different to a business. An infestation of pests will rarely occur overnight, it usually takes days and sometimes even weeks to fully manifest. Routine inspections are extremely important for food businesses so that any problems related to pests can be dealt with immediately. Finding the problem before it becomes uncontrollable is the best way to tackle pest control. Therefore, as a precaution, routine inspections should be held in the workplace from time to time or have professionals brought in to do it.

Seal any cracks, holes and crevices

Carrying out thorough inspections of the business will highlight any cracks, holes and hidden crevices where pests may be nesting to expand their colony. Business owners should be mindful of this, and have the exterior inspected regularly to make sure there are no cracks in walls where pests can access the property through. If you happen to find any cracks in your search, make sure to seal them as soon as possible. Leaving the cracks and not doing anything about them can increase the possibility of infestation.

Have a clean workspace

Most important of all – keep clean! It is the easiest and most effect way to avoid pest issues. Pest infestations can only occur when routine cleaning is not being done and waste is not being disposed of correctly. Establish a cleaning routine to keep pests away and clear any mess as promptly as possible.

Three Uses for Temporary Car Park Matting

Euro Mats

Car park matting is the solution to protecting the ground from damage in a variety of situations, including heavy traffic, outdoor events and on access routes.

You might not think it, but temporary ground matting can be used in a variety of situations, such as providing stable parking for vehicles or as a safety element for people to walk on. Here are three uses for temporary ground matting, and why they’re so important.

Temporary car parks

Having available space for vehicles to park is important, and if as a company you aren’t able to offer permanent parking for people, temporary car park matting may be just the solution. Ranging from plastic grids to permeable paving, ground mats are engineered to help stabilise and protected the ground beneath from any wear and tear.

Car park matting is also designed to help improve water drainage and prevent erosion, providing an environmentally sustainable alternative to asphalt or concrete paving!


Euro MatsYou may have seen matting and ground protection boards at outdoor events. They’re designed to help guests have a safe ground to walk on, as well as providing protection to the ground beneath. Large outdoor events require flooring to prevent ground erosion from extra footfall or traffic. The matts provide protection and reinforcement to the ground, and reducing the risk of ground saturation, slippage and erosion.

Matting protection boards are quick and easy to install and take up, making the process smooth and simple!

Access routes

Providing ground protection around access routes, for both pedestrians and vehicles, is important if you want to keep the ground beneath healthy and undamaged. Access routes are needed in a variety of scenarios, including providing protection for golf courses, emergency vehicle access to events and pedestrian access routes to car parks.

If ground surfaces were unstable, emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines, would have trouble accessing restricted or hard to access areas, which is why ground matts are so important.

12 Month Jail Sentence For Landlord Who Failed To Provide Fire Safety

slade lane - manchester evening news

slade lane - manchester evening newsManchester Landlord Put Lives at Risk in “Death Trap” Flats

A property landlord has pleaded guilty to 14 fire safety breaches relating to a network of flats above commercial premises in a deprived area of Manchester

The Manchester Evening News reported an interesting case of a landlord who was fined after failing to provide adequate fire health and safety in his properties.

Kamarat Hussain owns a number of connected properties on Slades Lane in Longsight, Manchester – these are commercial shops housing travel agents, a butchers and other small businesses, with eight residential flats above them.

Fire safety officers found numerous problems, including an absence of fire escape signs, missing or broken fire extinguishers, blocked fire exits and faulty wiring.

Child at a window

A hearing took place at Manchester Crown Court in December, at which Prosecutors reported that a fire officer was passing Hussain’s premises by chance in July 2015, when he noticed a child at an upstairs window and became concerned. On entering the building, he immediately saw numerous dangerous problems, prompting an official investigation that would last for months.

The officer issued an enforcement notice within weeks, and over the subsequent 14 months, he made 12 follow up visits in an attempt to bring the building up to standard. Despite this, little had been done when he made his last visit in September 2016.

Hussain was also unable to produce a fire risk assessment, despite repeated reminders and the fact that he claimed to have spent £700 on having one conducted.

Cost cutting

The Prosecutor described Hussain’s “flagrant disregard” for the safety of his tenants through cost cutting measures, that placed them at risk of death or serious injury in the event of a fire. All this, in spite of the properties generating more than £7,000 for Hussain in rent every month.

Hussain’s defence lawyer pointed out that he has had recent health and financial difficulties. He also stated that Hussain recently spent £2,000 on improvements and had not been deliberately cutting costs.

The ruling QC, Judge Patrick Field, disagreed and said there had been deliberate cost-cutting. He noted Hussain’s previous convictions for food safety breaches, and remarked that he has a “tendency to disregard the law regarding the safety of others”.

Hussain was ordered to serve a 12-month sentence, suspended for two years, with 200 hours’ unpaid work and £11,025 costs.

In agreeing to the suspended sentence, he remarked that Hussain was fully aware of the consequences for him if he failed to make the necessary improvements.


Hussain was bullish in his own defence after the hearing, although his word of choice was slightly different.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “This case is 100 per cent bull****. They’ve done this to me because I’m a young man with a big building. I have done everything they told me. This building I’ve bought is a very big building, and I’ve worked hard for it. I’m not worried about prison because I haven’t done anything wrong. It’s a 100 per cent bull**** – and I’ll come back and prove it.”