Changes Anyone Can Make at Home

If your car is in need of a little TLC or you just want more modern features, there are a number of ways you can upgrade it at home.

If you want to get the most out of your car, there are a few things you can do to give it a new lease of life. From car paint to clever gadgets, here are six smart upgrades for your car you can carry out this autumn.

Car paint

If your car is looking a little past its best, then why not treat it to a new coat of paint? Thanks to great sites like Car Colour Services, it has never been easier to paint your car yourself. You can colour match in just a few clicks, and you can also pick up things like primers, fillers, sanding blocks, and finishing products – plus some great advice! So it’s time to say goodbye to paintwork that has seen better days.

New tyres

New tyres won’t just make your car feel better on the road, they will make driving a lot safer too. First of all, check the tread on your tyres. If they have worn down to the point where the legal minimum tyre tread has worn away, it’s definitely time to upgrade them. There are a number of all weather tyres available right now, which will be able to handle everything that the Great British climate throws at you!


Bushings sit between the suspension and frame and the chassis and engine, preventing vibrations throughout your car. However, the rubber bushings that are fitted as standard often crack and wear down. Swapping these out for more durable polyurethane bushings will greatly reduce any vibrations in your car. They last for much longer too, so this is actually a cost effective move to make.

Reversing camera

Do you struggle to parallel park or find reversing into a space incredibly stressful? Then there’s a simple upgrade that could help you out. A reversing camera will let you see what’s going on to the rear of your car, giving you greater confidence. If your car isn’t already fitted with one, you’ll find lots of cheap cameras that are easy to fit and give a clear picture. You’ll wonder how you managed without one!

GPS tracker

Unfortunately, car thefts are on the rise – so it pays to be vigilant. A GPS tracker will allow you to see where your car is in an instant, helping you out in the event of it being stolen. Many trackers now attach to cars with a powerful magnet and can go over a fortnight without needing to be charged. So once you’ve installed them, they’re not something that you need to tend to everyday, making them a real low-maintenance upgrade.

Fuel additives

Few people know about fuel additives, but they can make a big difference in terms of the performance of your car. It’s really simple to add fuel additives to your car – you just pour a bottle into your fuel tank when you fill up. The additive will keep components clean, removing any deposits from petrol or diesel. Your car will run much more smoothly as a result, making this a quick fix with real impact.

What’s first on your list?

So what are you waiting for? Whether you just opt to give your car a new lick of paint or you work your way through the whole list, your vehicle will look and feel like brand new!