Why People Fall Out of Love With Their Body Art

People have all sorts of tattoos removed, but there are five kinds that tattoo removal specialists see more than others.

Ever wondered what are some of the most common kinds of body art tattoo removal specialists come across? Here are five of the top offenders, along with where you can find the best tattoo removal London has to offer.

Eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos are some of the most common kinds of body art, with plenty of people opting for them every year. The problem? They’re also one of the most prominent kinds of body art you can have. Whether makeup trends have changed or you just want to change your look, it’s easy to fall out of love with your eyebrow ink – no matter how much of a good idea it seemed at the time.

An ex-lover’s name

Nothing says true love like getting your lover’s name tattooed on your body. What’s not so romantic is having to live with that after a break-up. More and more people are opting for tattoos as a way of showing their commitment, but they can cause anything from anguish to the breakdown of future relationships if things turn sour.

Tramp stamps

A tattoo on the lower back, otherwise known as a ‘tramp stamp’ is a tattoo that many people have. It seems like a no-brainer: it’s easy to hide under clothes, and the large area means you can go for an impressive design. However, it’s developed a little bit of an unfortunate reputation over the past few years – resulting in that infamous nickname. Needless to say, a lot of people are ready to say goodbye to theirs.

A tattoo gone wrong

We’ve all seen pictures of tattoos gone wrong, or know someone with body art that’s been inked less than successfully. Poorly executed tattoos are first on the list to be removed for many people – even if they have lots of other body art that they plan on keeping. Whether it’s a misspelling, poor outlining or a multitude of sins, it’s easy to see why they’re such an annoyance.

Upper arm tattoos

A lot of people opt for an upper arm tattoo when they first get inked. The problem is, a tattoo in this location instantly restricts what you can wear. You may find that you have to keep your tattoo covered up at work, which can be unpleasant during the warmer months. Women may also find that dressing up is an issue, with sleeveless dresses bound to attract plenty of stares. That’s why lots of people have theirs removed.

Getting yours removed

If you want to get your tattoo removed, then it’s essential to visit the best specialists in the field. Tattoo Removal Experts are the providers of the leading laser tattoo removal in London, and will be able to help you say goodbye to your unwanted body art forever. With some of the most reasonable prices in London and plenty of success stories, it’s clear to see why they’re a firm favourite with so many.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you have one of the tattoos we have mentioned or you want to get rid of something totally different, you know where to go! With expert advice and professional treatment, you could soon feel like a whole new person!